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smooth lines, fine craftsmanship and elegant, classic and fashion fusion of Eastern and Western text Of crystallization, reflecting the relentless pursuit of perfection! Join Advantage Strict regional protection, to maximize the protection of the interests of franchisees; senior design team to protect continue to provide outstanding original design; National advertising and promotional support, resource sharing.$ Rich experience in production, ensuring the timely supply of isabel marant sneakers goods; products are cost-effective, strong competitive advantage in the same industry; 6 diversify investment package, a pragmatic and flexible policies; Ultra-low investment (just one-third of the peers) for ultra-high investment rate of return; 8 new concept of women's first brand, high growth and ensure sustainable development.$ Brand positioning Target consumer groups: confers the imagination of consumers in ysbla creative beauty, the concept of life, the state of mind of our target consumers targeted at the age of 18-35 years old, to meet the diversified female population. Some cultural literacy, fine content of the pursuit of life, some forward-thinking, Pursuit of individual style; comfortable life rich in ideas, the pursuit of high quality of life.$ You can find their own fashion ideas ysbla, individuality, to Implication noble in the isabel marant shoes simple and elegant, simple, the unstoppable elegant and special. ysbla help you re-establish a sufficient self-confidence with my body, with age-specific charming and sexy. Design Concept She advocated a wide range of integration and continuation of the main colors in black, white, geometric patterns classic Western style red, bold, modern high-tech computer printing, embellishment, formed assertive fashion. Quality fabrics add some subtle fashion.$ Element, fashion fit cut-and-pop elements into the easy, free leisure, thus improving the taste of leisure, closing the distance of leisure and fashion, exudes the irresistible flavor of the times and charm. The designer clear thinking, full of emotion; delicate way, considerate precision production, coupled with an increasing number of fresh changes, a unique personality to play, giving a the brand deeper cultural connotation characteristics. Comply with the rich inner world of women, a isabel marant shoes sale comprehensive display of modern family.$